Again, there has been a long time since the last post.

Somehow I lost motivation, because syntax highlighting did not really work. Black text on a very dark background is not much fun to read.

In the previous post I thought this needs to be fixed inside Firefox. But no, it seems to be intended behaviour, because at some point Chrome also stopped working. And with that, all the Electron apps suffered from the same issue.

Things went quickly then, as the bug trackers filled up with random Electron app users complaining.

So the colored SVG glyphs of the font were dropped and a new release was published. Great. Who would have thought that Electron is good for anything after all? 🤭

But the node package was not updated.

Sad, so my blog theme still was broken. But tonight it struck me: “Hey, isn’t it possible to install node packages directly from the git repos?!”

Yes it is. I tried that, and guess what:

from sys import stdout

stdout.write('It works!!1!\n')

This is great. Let’s see, if I can find more time to write about random stuff in the future…

So long!