So, here are some updates. I am still alive, and I have not forgotten about that website.

Originally I had the plan to write something new each month. It worked well in the beginning, but then stuff happened.

Primarily: I have a new job!

It’s a very good one, the company is pretty good, and I pretty much enjoy it there. Part of the company culture is the willingness to learn something new, so there are many places where I can bring in my knowledge. On the other hand my head is exploding, because there is so much new stuff for me to learn. I have the feeling I am improving my skills every week.

Very good.

Along with this new job came the relocation to Leipzig – finally some decent city, it’s not that big, but big enough. There are a lot of very interesting people and every day I am somewhere else to discover new stuff to do. It is a lot of fun!

That is the reason I rarely find time to take care of this website. I am very sorry. But slowly my life sorts itself out, so there will be more time in the future for personal stuff like this. Maybe I can come back to former glory and write something new on a monthly basis…

In other news: The development of the Slick Hugo theme continues. Not that fast as it used to be, primarily because I don’t have so much time to do so, but also because it slowly gets to the point where it is finished.

Worth mentioning is maybe the switch to TypeScript for all the client side logic, introduction of Hugo Pipes for CSS and JavaScript delivery for fingerprinting and of course some adjustments to keep up with recent Hugo versions.

Also – Today I killed the 447 days of uptime of the server this page is running on. I think it is a quite impressive number and also a little bit scary..

It is pretty good that some system can run stable for such a long time (have I mentioned that I love FreeBSD?!?) but very scary that all the time no kernel patches were applied…

Well, now it’s over, both userland and kernel are now fully updated and patched and everything seems to run fine again.

I discovered some issues while rebooting - It is somehow not possible to send DNS requests from within newly started jails, because my firewall is not aware of the network interface of the jail. So the webserver inside the jail cannot apply OCSP stapling and waits endlessly… Sad.

This is something I have to dig into in near future, so rebooting (and thus updating the kernel) won’t be so much pain anymore.

Maybe this is stuff for the next entry here, we will see..

So long!