Compound Words

In programming you always have the problem to join words together keeping the syntax intact and to keep at least some amount of readability.

Those compound words got some names, so everyone knows what you are talking about.

You might be familiar with:

  • CamelCase - Maybe the most famous one, most people might know it from Wikipedia

  • snake_case - Very popular in Python, but don’t fall for that. The name of the language refers to Monty Python, and not the snake.

  • kebab-case - This is my favorite name - Not really common because it is not easy to distinguish it from a minus sign. So you’ll find it mostly in markup languages (Pretty common for HTML class names and/or CSS)

But there is one which was new for me:

  • beercase - I guess it is inspired by two glasses clinking together. 🍻

You can grow old, but you never stop learning.